This is the fastest growing Instant Social Networking chat site on the Internet. Free registration and service. Live interactive video, audio and text chat. Free hosted chat rooms for web sites Instant chat solution. Millions of monthly chat room connections. Complete Instant Social Networking Solution.
Instant Social Networking
Instant Social Networking
No software download required. Instant guest access and free registration. Visit many website chat rooms via the Room List. Video, audio and text chat live worldwide!
Welcome! Click a room in the list which does not have a Lock or Shield to enter the chat network. Best webcam chat room on the net . . .
Instant Social Networking

Free Chat is one of the most advanced webcam video chat rooms on the net today.
• Free Chat chat room is powered by iWebcam Chat Network service.
• Free Chat gives you access to a network connecting 8 million people in a 30 day period.
• Free Chat allows participants to sign in as guest - no registration or lengthy access!.
• Free chat profile registrations. Secure your username by registering in our chat room.
• Free Chat is simply the best chat room on the net which is video, audio and text enabled!

Video Chat
Chat live with people from all over the world. No webcam is required to enjoy this chat.
• View up to three webcams simultaneously for video conferencing fun with friends.
• Free chat provides amazing low latency chat for real-time communications.
• Many usertools to provide "social moderation" of your video chat environment
• No software download is required to enable webcam broadcasting to the chat room.
• It's amazing! Meet many new chat friends on FreeChat's chat room.

Chat Rooms List
The chat rooms list navigation is located at the top right of the chat. Check it out!
• The chat rooms list contains rooms on the iWebcam Network plus rooms from other sites.
• Chat rooms that have a shield or lock indicated have special restrictions placed on entry.
• If you would like to change chat rooms click a listed room to enter the chat room.
• Create your very own chat room and list it on the chat rooms list. Popularity can be yours!
• Free Chat participants may broadcast webcams streaming high quality audio and video.

Chat Room Options
Free Chat participants may grab their own embed code and create chat rooms on a website.
• Chat network service is provided by iWebcam Chat Network. It chat room hosting is free.
• Webmasters can use the inclusion of their chat room on the rooms list to market their url.
• The chat rooms list provides a listed chat room access to over 8 million monthly connections.
• Participants in your chat room may navigate to many other sites and rooms on the list.
• Provide the experience of a huge chat network on any website using the iWebcam service.
Live Interactive Free Video, Audio and Text Chat Rooms!
Parental Access Control

While IGENETIX can design format and functionality into the chat network in an attempt to prevent minor access it is impossible to replace the parent's responsibility to monitor their child's access on the internet. We believe it is important to remind parents that children may lie about their age in an attempt to bypass limits on the internet. In an effort to assist parents with their responsibility we believe it is also important to provide an effective tool to aid in preventing their children from accessing this chat network. Please use of the Parental Control option to aid in preventing your child's access to this chat network. The use of the Parental Control option will attempt to block your computer access.

To access this feature simply enter the chat environment and click the "Help" option. Select the Parental Control option and follow the resulting instructions.

Should you require additional information or assistance at any time please contact the Support Team.

You may also find additional resources at: *
* this resource site is not associated with this chat network
Moderate a Hosted Room  
• It is free to create a personal or website room
• Use "Create/Modify a Room . . ." to customize
• Click user and choose to block video if needed
• Click user and choose to block text if needed

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